Club – Performing Arts

Theatre in Education

Theatre in education provides the confidence and self-awareness to take on any challenging opportunity that may come their way. By incorporating ‘Theatre in education’ as an essential element of learning, our students are given a chance to celebrate the sheer richness and depth of human expression in all of its forms. The right mélange of stage activities and musical shows could emerge as the perfect educational tool to improve academic skills and instill confidence in young learners to use creative expressions with greater expertise and position themselves as confident citizens of the global world. The Management of Velammal Educational Trust has entwined theatre shows as part of the scholastic programmes. The school provides an ideal scaffold, enabling students to blend them into a composite personality. This divine aspiration has magnificently driven Ology Tech School, to pave the right path for yet another endeavor and brought alive on the dais of the Music Academy, the popular Broadway musical, ANNIE to enthrall the music lovers of the cosmopolitan Chennai city.