About Ology

The word “Ology” means “Study of” be it any fields or subjects. Ology means to our knowledge, attitude to explore, and unconditional and non-stop learning. Ology comes from a Singapore based educational group combined along with the vast educational experience of the Velammal family.  The curriculum at Ology Tech School is 70% traditional learning and 30% STEAM learning. This 70-30 fraction forms the breakdown of the circular graphics we have for our logo. We cater to kids from pre-primary to higher secondary with world-class facilities and innovative enrichment programs to ensure holistic learning and development for our children.

Our Signature Offerings

Nature Club
Nature Club is the initiative of the school to connect our students to the wealth of the world – plants and trees.
WriteScience uses principles of journalism to help young students communicate effectively.
Maker Space
Makerspace provides the perfect pedestal to enhance experiential learning through inquiry and creativity in young minds.
Talk Series
Talk Series is an ingenuity of the school to invite eminent personalities and stalwarts from various professional arenas.
Visual Arts
Chitravathi is a unique art programme that facilitates every student to impress the world with their artistic expression.
Quiz Club
Quiz Club revitalizes the education system and gives students a break from the traditional classroom learning.
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Why Ology Tech School ? 

The school stands out with complete nurturing care, emphasising on the all-round development of the student. The futuristic curriculum lays equal emphasis on academics and personality development. The integrated curriculum is hand crafted focusing on nurturing 20th century skills in each of our children by giving them the adequate exposure to international workshops, talks and other technical and non-technical forums resulting in equipping the child for a better tomorrow.