The term ‘Ology’ refers to the ‘study’ of a subject in any field that imparts special knowledge and skills to students.

At Ology, the meaning of this terminology takes an innovative framework that creates a learning experience for students to attainknowledge, attitude and skills.  Learning modules are mapped with incessant and incredible voyages to expedite learning in young students.

The ideology of Ology originates from a Singapore-based educational group in confluence with the management members of the Velammal school community who stand as pioneers with rich experience in the field of education.

The curriculum at Ology is unique in its blend of inventive thinking that comprises 70% of traditional learning and 30% of STEAM learning.

Our logo depicts the 70:30 ratio in the form of circular graphics portrayed in bright hues.  We contour the curriculum within a learning ambience that ensures not what the students learn but facilitates how our students learn – with a wide range of disciplines and flexible ways to offer them.  We believe in the lifelong transformative power of an engaging education, ensuring holistic education to every child who walks through the portals of Ology.

About Ology Tech School

The school stands out with complete nurturing care, emphasising on the all-round development of the student. The futuristic curriculum lays equal emphasis on academics and personality development. The integrated curriculum is hand crafted focusing on nurturing 20th century skills in each of our children by giving them the adequate exposure to international workshops, talks and other technical and non-technical forums combined with life skills resulting in equipping the child for a better tomorrow.

About Ology Tech School, Mugalivakkam

Ology Tech School, Mugalivakkam is a novel venture of the Velammal Group of institutions that envisions to design world-class learning studios that will augment the future society with the ideal workforce of disciplined and tech-savvy professionals for the digital epoch.