Lower Primary Levels

Classes 1 – 3 – Thematic Learning Modules

The curriculum is formulated by integrating one or two disciplines to frame a common theme.

The curriculum syllabus and the modules are developed to enrich the students’

• English Language Skills

• Communicative & Social Skills

• ICT based Learning

• Scientific & Math Skills

• Theatrical Skills

The curricular and co-curricular programmes at these levels are student-centred, focusing on activities for the holistic development of pupils.

The activities are designed for students to gain the 21st Century skills through

• Learning by concrete experiences – Experiential Learning (Kolb’s Cycle)

• Discovery & Cooperative learning

• Project – based Learning

• Inquiry – based Learning

• Cambridge Programmes that enrich the English language skills of every student

• Personalized worksheets to cater to individual learning styles