At The KG Levels

360 Degrees Domain Development through Activity-Based Learning

The classrooms of the Kindergarten sections are replaced by Think Rooms.

In our Think Rooms, we give every child the opportunity to

  • Joyful learning with no homework policy adopted

• relate experiences and interests

• attain the 360 degrees domain development

• help students practice thinking in the cognitive, emotional, sklial domains

• listen, think and express in a creative way

• achieve measurable learning outcomes through activities and projects

The above goals are achieved through activities like

• Picture Reading

• Puppet Shows

• Lab Activities

• Story Telling

• Field Trips

• Celebrations

We are glad to welcome you to the Kindergarten empire and better understand the process involved in how our tiny buds pursue academic skills combined with ethical values.

A day at Kindergarten

A caring community Kindergarten introduces young children to the blissful world of thinking, imagining, questioning, experimenting, and determining!  Each child receives individual attention from passionate teachers who specialize in early education. Velammal is a place where kindergarteners feel right at home. In a safe and stimulating environment, students develop at their own pace while surrounded by caring teachers and staff.  A blend of activities captures the students’ interests; they participate in hands-on activities that foster academic, physical, social, and intellectual growth.

Now to the question what is Olo kindergarten?

The answer is, the curriculum or the thematic units of study provide hands-on, inquiry, thought-provoking experiences for students to construct and extend their knowledge. The framework of our Kindergarten curriculum supports growth in all areas of a child's development: social/emotional, academic, aesthetic, and physical. Each day brings opportunities for student growth in literacy science, mathematics and Physical development. Young learners are exposed to oral and written language, listening skills, recitation of rhymes, sequencing, patterns, sorting, classifying, counting, and number skills. Special subjects are an integral part of the schedule and include physical education, library, and art.

At the KG Levels

Ology fosters the 360 Degrees Domain Development Through Activity-Based Learning

The day starts with Assembly the integral part of the day, which paves way to imbibe moral and cultural values. Following Assembly is the circle time, wherein kids listen and pay attention to their teacher and peers as everybody takes their turn in leading the role. Having this as a part of their daily activity, it helps them develop their listening and communication skills. They learn how to express themselves and overcome shyness.

  • The literacy program for Kindergarten involves the following components of development:

• Using oral language (e.g., developing new vocabulary, using appropriate language, and speaking in sentences);

• Fostering an appreciation of stories and books (e.g., teachers reading aloud and children exploring and reading books on their own);

• Developing listening skills (e.g., processing what is heard and following directions both individually and in groups);

• Heightening awareness of written words (e.g., pointing out titles, letters, words, sentences, and punctuation);

• Developing handwriting skills including uppercase and lowercase letter formation;

• Encouraging children to write, to spell words phonetically; and introducing sight words; In numeracy, children

• Work on their understanding of numbers (e.g., counting games and dice);

• making comparisons (e.g.; "same," "different," "bigger," "smaller," "more," and "less"), playing numerical games, and block building.

Physical Development

The school’s indoor and outdoor environment provides space, and equipment for walking, crawling, running, hopping, jumping, skipping, swinging, climbing, fitting small items together, hammering, sawing, using pencils and crayons, pasting, painting, dressing, and undressing, pushing and pulling, lifting and carrying, and pouring.  The classroom opens to a number of competitions and cultural programmes where every child is given the opportunity to express and showcase their unique and innate talents gifted by God.

The curriculum nurtures multicultural understanding and builds identity through books, music, exploration, and celebration. EACH day proves to be an ample proof of the commitment, effort, belief, and talent we hold so dear.