Message From Chairman’s Desk


Chairman, Velammal Educational Trust

“Success comes to those who work hard and stays with those, who don’t rest on the laurels of the past”.

Velammal Group of Schools is a vibrant learning community, committed to create the best possible educational experience for every child. In its exertion to build a strong foundation of cognitive, physical and social development, the school aspires to facilitate all students to be bold in their thought and limitless in their imagination. Today, education has evolved into a giant wheel having myriad expressions like personality development, time management, discipline, creativity and more. Hence, with the divine aspiration to enlighten young minds, I initiated this incredible journey of providing meaningful education for young learners, enabling them to transcend beyond the set boundaries into competent, compassionate, and motivated citizens of the country ready to drive the nation to its pinnacle of glory. In this pursuit of excellence, we endeavour to make our children, humane to reach out in love and service. It’s just the beginning of our noble journey to eradicate ignorance. We shall continue this arduous task with a team of self-motivated staff who are trained to impart quality education.

Message From Director’s Desk


Director, Velammal Educational Trust

My vision is to make young learners believe in their power to embrace learning, to excel and to own their future. In this novel venture to renovate the mundane pathways of school education, we have facilitated learning programmes that integrate technology. Tech-based education is tailor-made by accoutering opportunities that equip every individual to deal with the challenges of the real world.

The school aspires to render creative education in conjunction with the holistic development of all students. We wish that the Ologians will give their best rendition to the futuristic world while they develop critical thinking & creative skills through inquiry based learning.

Message From the Director-Academics


Director Academics, Velammal Educational Trust


Ology Tech School perceives to formulate an educational system of global standards which believes that ‘it’s not the imagination which makes an individual achieve big goals but hard work, persistence and honesty which leads to the accomplishments of big dreams’.

The school strives to be amongst the venerated centres of world-class education to foster academic excellence, physical fitness and social consciousness. We provide stimulating and comprehensive education which inspires students to achieve the highest standards of intellectual and personal development. Within a caring and multicultural environment, the school instills a desire to learn and lays stress on the multi-dimensional development of every learner and provides an effective learning medium by fostering academic excellence. The institution endeavours to offer the right mélange of Academic and Experiential Learning and ensures every student’s intellectual and emotional growth.

We wish all the students who enter the portals of our institution to gain the optimum and improve their confidence and contribute their best in building an immaculate nation. My hearty congratulations to the entire team of dedicated faculty and patronizing parents for enabling our students soar to greater heights.